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LORAC PRO Palette = ❤

Hello, everyone!
Remember me?! Sorry I've been gone for so long, but I'm back now because I have to share this new find with you!
I got the LORAC PRO Palette a few weeks ago, and SERIOUSLY?! Seriously, you guys, it's ah-mazing!

Size-wise, it's a tiny bit shorter in length than the UD Naked Palette, but it's also a tiny bit taller (taller?) know what I mean. It's also thinner.
Like all good palettes, it comes equipped with a mirror.
She's a beaut!
This palette retails for $42 and comes with 16 eyeshadows, half matte (top row) and half shimmery (bottom row). It also comes with their mini Behind the Scenes Eye Primer (not pictured), which works well, much like TFSI and UDPP. 
Unlike the Naked Palette, which comes with 12 full-size eyeshadows that are 0.05oz each, each of the LORAC shadows is 0.02oz. It's quite a bit less than the UD, but for people who have more eyeshadows than they know what to do with and rarely ever hit pan on any of them, it's not …