I'm a video!

Video time!

I've been struggling with my camera to get even a decent video, and I think I'm really improving with the quality. It's still not GOOD, but it's better, you can actually see what I'm doing.

I'm still not totally sure about the whole youtube/video thing. In some weird way I feel responsible of my readers/fans/subscribers/what-ever. I mean, I'm not a trained professional and I don't know how to do things "properly", so that's why I feel uncomfortable telling how to do things "my way".
I know there's many of you who want to be professional MUAs one day, and if you learn some technique from me, and the teachers at the makeup school laugh at you for doing it, I feel it's kinda my fault.
Same if I "teach" something that makes someone to be bullied in school. I know it's not exactly my fault, but I still feel that way.
It's probably partially because of my depression (I've been severely depressed for around past 10 years), which also leads to my other insecurity with the videos. I don't have The Thick Skin which seems to be required to survive in YouTube. When ever I receive a negative comment, I try to think where did I go wrong, how could I improve myself, is there anything I can do to change the opinion of the commenter.
Maybe I'll get over them, hopefully my real life behind the keyboard is in better shape then too.

Anyway, look on the video was kinda re-do of my yesterday's look:

Products used:
BareVitamins Prime Time primer
 MAC Shroom e/s
Illamasqua Varnau e/s
MAC Showstopper e/s
Sugarpill Tako e/s
 Joe Blasco Gel liner
Lash Control mascara
Isadora Inline Kajal Blonde

(Lips Lime Crime Glamour 101)

Sigma E55
Sigma travel E45
Sigma E70
Joe Blasco liner brush


I also received some products from Illamasqua's Human Fundamentalism collection, I'm still working with the review of them :)


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