Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism part 2 - Scribe & Vernau

Time for part two!
I decided to combine both Vernau eyeshadow and Scribe Precision Ink in this post, because they go well together in real life too :D

Let's start with

Scribe Precision Ink:

White, liquid eyeliner!! What could possibly be more awesome?!

I remember few years ago, when I was desperately seeking white liquid liner, and I think the only one that I found was Star Gazer... And their quality isn't the best.

But now Illamasqua has one, and I need to search no more :D

From outside it's the same as Illamasqua's other Precision Inks I have (Alchemy and Abyss).
The tip of the liner is thin enough to thin line, but sturdy enough to also be precise.

I think my swatch pic tell it quite well:

And that was written in the back of my hand, so it's not very big:

Despite the color, it's really similar to Alchemy and Abyss, though this dries with more matte result then the two others.
It applies quite evenly, and it's really bombproof. It mean, it lasts and lasts and lasts! 

Then the real surprise, Vernau.
Like I said before, I'm usually not crazy about neutrals, but this is just amazing.

My past experiences with Illamasqua pressed eyeshadow have been a bit bad, but I had absolutely no problems with this one.
It's absolutely awesome color, Illamasqua describes it as yellow ochre, and I think it slightly leans to reddish, but yeah...
(I'm watching The Big Bang Theory while I'm trying to write this review, can anyone guess if it's affecting to my concentration? :D)

Vernau is pigmented and blends well, I just love it. My new favourite everyday shadow:

Here's Scribe and Venrau combined:

And here's my version of Illamasqua's Teal Marilyn promo pic:

Next the palette then!


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