Avengers: Hulk

1. Start with primer
2. Apply green to whole lid (Manly 120 palette , #1 in pic)
3. Apply black shadow (Manly 120 palette , #3 in pic), blend upwards.)
4. Blend lighter green shadow with the black (Manly 120 palette , #2 in pic)
5. Use dirty colored green (MakeupGeek Dirty Martini) to blend the light green, and to bring more depth to the look. 
6. Use pale green to make the blending  smooth (MakeupGeek Fuji)
7.Apply a hint of white (Manly 120 palette , #4 in pic) under to brow 
8. Line your eye with purple liner (BeautyUK Purple Haze liquid liner), also line your lower lashline with the same purple. Apply it un-evenly, like Hulk's shredded pants.
9. Use purple gel liner or pencil to line your waterline with purple (MAC Industrial Purple)
10. And finally apply false lashes (Sugarpill Angel baby false lashes)


Like with the Thor look, Hulk also had a "trial phase".
I thought the first version was too bright and not "masculine enough".


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