Tutorial: Colorcrazy

Brace yourselves, spring is coming, and it's bright bright bright!

I know this isn't really wearable at all, nor my best work, but since I made a tutorial for it, I wanted to share it :)
Look is done with Sugarpill again :D

Start with primer:

Then use purple (Poison plum) to create the shape:

Apply red (Love+) over the purple:

Do some experiments with orange (Flamepoint), blend it with red:

Apply white (Tako) to whole lid:

Blend the orange with yellow (Buttercupcake):

I decided to go with purple brow, so I used Poison Plum for the brow:

Then I applied some white to highlight, and used Illamasqua Sealing Gel to make Poison Plum a liquid liner (also ELF's Eye Primer And Liner Sealer works):

Then I glued Sugarpill's  Daydreamer and Angel Baby false lashes together to create huge lashes:

Then I applied some lower false lashes cut in half, added some red, purple, yellow and orange to lower lashline, lined the waterline, and voilá!

Look is done!

I paired it with craaaaaazy lips, done with Secret Kissed Rockstar and OCC Pageant liptar:


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