Review: Glitzy Lips

Some of you may have heard about GlitzyLips, since Katy Perry wore it at 2012 Grammys:

CocoGoddess - Gild yourself, you bronze goddess. CocoGoddess makes you worthy of worship.
Don’t Copperme - Rich copper sunburst lips outshine everyone in the room. Don’t mess with this design.
PinkCouture - Stomp the runway graced with lips so deliciously berry pink you will demand the crowd’s attention.
PinkRosa - Sexy, sophisticated lips laced with icy champagne pink command respect.
RainbowDar - Harness and layer the rainbow to create a look that is uniquely you.
SmokeySilver - Lay down the law with this super sexy gun metal bronze-silver design.
WineMeOva - Rich like fine red wine, drink in this shine and get tipsy with delight. Slip it on and have a sip.
ZunigaBlue - These daring light turquoise and teal blue lips don’t just pop, they POW!
ReddyOrNot - Show stopping sexy classic pin-up lips rule the stage and demand respect. The spotlight is on... you!

I decided to try the ReddyOrNot, because red fits for everyone, right?

So, mailman had been a bit rough with my package, but everything inside was still intact:

Each Glitzy Lips kit includes 5ft GlitzyFoil, 1/4 ounce GlitzyStick.
20-25 applications per kit. (IF you can apply it easily!!)

So, how does it work then?

First you apply glue to your lips:
(It's lip-safe glue, but it looks and smell and feel like a glue)

Then you apply the foil over your glued lips:
Not like this!

But like this:

Then you rip it off:

...and repeat until you are satisfied. To be totally honest, after ~10 layers/ applications I gave up. This was pretty much the best I could do:

But I was a bad person and cheated by applying Lime Crime's Candy Apple over the foil:


Here's my final attempt, again with numerous layers of foils:

I really don't know what was wrong with my technique, I did everything like instructed, but still no. When I got one part covered, there was a great change I would rip parts of it off with second layer.

Also, the glue + foil combination felt AWFUL on my lips, really really really super hyper dry. Just horrible feeling. I think they also look really dry :S

But I'm sure these would look great with some editorial looks, especially in photoshoots!

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