Tutorial: Urban Graffiti

Another "not-wearable" look, this time with tutorial!
I was searching for inspiration late at night, and I found some graffiti pictures and decided to challenge myself to try to graffiti makeup.

Like said, this isn't really wearable in real life, but I think something like this would look great on photoshoots or something!

I started with priming my eye, and sketching the shape of the graffiti with black pencil. Then I applied NYX Jumbo pencil Milk to make the colors really pop, because I wanted this to be BRIGHT.

Next I started to color the "graffiti", I used Sugarpill Dollypop & Afterparty.

More coloring, Sugarpill Buttercupcake, Midori, Flamepoint and Love+

The I enhanced the outlines, first with black eyeliner, then with orange (MUFE Aqua Cream #10)

Then I colored the lid with Sugarpill Goldilux, and and added Sugarpill Bulletproof to outer corner and crease to bring depth to the look.

Then some more details, I wanted to do bubbles, so I used Illamasqua Debonair pencil to make them, and black liner to ouline them.

Even more details, some skyscrapers with black eyeliner, yellow MUFE flashcolor as lights, Illamasqua Debonair to waterline, and black liner to upper lashline and lower lashline. And some white details.

Then I darkened the brow to be in sync with the look, added mascara and some final touches.

I have gazillion products I should review... Illamasqua, MAC, Lime Crime and some other reviews coming soon!


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